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My Journey

Broken things can become blessed things if you allow God to do the mending!

My story is one of consistent loss, pain, grief, trauma, and betrayal. Everyone that could walk out on me, did so without hesitation. The bitterness of rejection during my dark periods created a strength that only can come from authentic healing and restoration. When I face who I am now, it is nothing short of the evidence that God truly creates miracles. My history includes everything that would equal failure and I had a lot of reasons to give up. However, there was always an infinite desire to prove to myself that I could overcome. Throughout my journey I wanted to give up, I was exhausted from merely surviving life. I knew there had to be something better. And it was! After overcoming my own struggles, I am now devoted to helping others experience what true inner peace and healing feel like. As a Licensed Psychotherapist and Life Coach, I can work with you no matter where you start from. The journey to healing and learning to love yourself in the process awaits! 

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