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Areas of Expertise


Dr. Sarah is the founder of Covenant Way Wellness. There, she and her team provide Individual, Group, and Couples Therapy, in addition to wellness solutions and advice. Dr. Sarah also offers Executive Coaching Services and Grief and Trauma Therapy, especially for those who have been affected by COVID-19. In addition, she is a holistic facilitator of healing retreats and workshops

Clinical Consulting

Dr. Sarah has worked as a clinical consultant to the NOW Network, A&E, Sky TV, & Lifetime Television. She has worked with the docu-series Surviving R Kelly, as well as a consultant to reality TV, professionals, athletes, and celebrities. She shares her story and allows transparency in her consultations because she wants to help others heal, move forward, and upward.

Mental Health Awareness

Dr. Sarah is the creator and host of "Dr. Sarah After Dark", a mental health awareness TV program. The program provides a forum for others to share their stories of challenge and triumph. Dr. Sarah is also a polished public speaker and appears on multiple podcasts, mental health panels--both virtual and in-person--and workshops. Contact Dr. Sarah to be a guest on the TV show or to book Dr. Sarah for a speaking engagement.

My Approach

My approach comes from my own life experience.


After graduating from Capella University with a Ph.D. 2010, I was where I wanted to be in my career and I was loving life with my family.


But, when my mother died of pancreatic cancer and then my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer I was left floored. Caring for my husband and his resulting death struck me to my core.


I kept thinking to myself, as a Ph.D. student, I am supposed to have all the tools to work through things. But having a doctorate did not insulate me from the experience of trauma. Instead, I was left with doctors who did not know what to do with me since I was 'high functioning".

My experience motivated me to go back to school to become a Clinical Psychotherapist that could help people like myself who are hurting and seeking healing.

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My Approach


Kemuel Crossty.jpg

Kemuel Crossty

Actor, Birth of a Nation

Dr. Sarah Williams is an outstanding Therapist and has a great vision for helping people. Her knowledge and experience fill the voids of those who have experienced difficult and challenging times. I would highly recommend her.


Alex Meschi

Executive Director

Red Songbird Foundation 

Dr. Sarah is a phenomenal therapist who brings her passion, life’s journey, and compassion to an intersection to help the lives she touches. She has a very bright energy that can be felt when she enters the room, in person, or virtually. “I can’t” is not a part of her vocabulary and through giving back, she has been instrumental in assisting myself and The Red Songbird Foundation to help others heal from the darkness of their past. Dr. Sarah brings a wealth of expertise in all areas of mental health and is a valuable asset to anyone looking to better his or her mental well-being. Whether you are unsure about therapy, your mental state, or have any other reservations, a call or email to Dr. Sarah will definitely point you in the right direction.

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Winter Williams

Love & Marriage D.C./ Relationship Coach - Founder of Created 2 be Conference

Dr. Sarah Williams is a skilled professional that is tremendously gifted at communicating psychological, mental, and emotional needs and disabilities. She is a compassionate professional who cares about seeing her patients live well in every area of their lives. In addition to her professional expertise, she is a poised host and conducted our interview with class and grace. I was honored to be in her presence. 


Michael Berlucchi

Councilman, City of Virginia Beach

Dr. Sarah Williams is a skilled and tireless advocate for mental health and wellness in our community. Her work on the program, "Dr. Sarah after Dark," many appearances on panels and workshops, and her clinical practice have established Dr. Williams as a recognized champion for people with a mental health condition, and their families. I am proud to call her a friend.


 Myesha M. Collins

Founder of Blue Girls Turned Gold

Dr. Sarah is a heartfelt, intelligent woman whose insight is invaluable. She combines listening well with the tools to make the changes needed for a better life. She can hone in on what's needed very quickly. She is very professional and ethical.

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