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Our Story

Healing from grief and trauma has become an international struggle with the increased deaths due to COVID19, suicide, and violence. Founded and led by grief and trauma expert, Dr. Sarah Williams. the Hearts In Heaven Foundation’s (HIHF) is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization.


Our purpose is to serve grieving families and friends by supporting them through their healing journeys.

Grief is a universal dynamic and complicated process that impacts people of all demographics who struggle with the loss of children, parents, siblings, spouses, partners, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, friends, colleagues, clients, customers, neighbors, peers, ex-partners, fellow community members, as well as unconventional relationships, such as separated couples. HIHF supports survivors through counseling, education, therapy, webinars, in-person talks community support, and corporate trainings (grieving employees) on topics such as grief, trauma, loss, suicide awareness and prevention, as well as survivor’s remorse. 


The HIHF is proud to announce that we are now the Administrative and Executive Office for Black Women Widows Empowered (BWWE). Originally founded by Sabra Robinson. The transfer of leadership occurred in 2023. Dr. Sarah Williams became the Executive Director and under her leadership BWWE will continue to function as a mecca for support, awareness, and education for widows of color. In addition, HIHF will service and administer Today's Widowed Woman of Color Magazine. To support our efforts your tax deductible donations can be made in care of the Hearts In Heaven Foundation. 

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